Award winning Tecnam P Twenty Ten en route to full certification

Award winning Tecnam P Twenty Ten en route to full certification

Tecnam on target to complete P Twenty Ten certification by the end of 2013.

Readers of Germany’s Fliegermagazine choose the four seat, single engine Tecnam P Twenty-Ten to receive it most prestigious award for the best general aviation aircraft at Aero 2013, Friedrichshafen.

Well into its flight certification programme, the Tecnam P Twenty Ten was flown from Capua, Italy to Friedrichshafen, Germany by Tecnam’s Chief Test Pilot, Captain Marco Locatelli. The 490 Nm flight across the Alps took a total of 4.5 hours, at an average cruising height of 10,000 ft.

“After 100 hours flown during its developmental and initial certification testing phase this elegant aircraft shows predictable and smooth behavior” said the Tecnam test crew who landed in Friedrichshafen on April the 18th. “The superior cockpit and advanced Garmin 1000 integrated avionic system works perfectly and allowed us to easily fly this single engine/high wing plane over the Alps and through 3 countries with good safety margins”.

Tecnam design office states that “…our P Twenty Ten developmental flight envelope is already sufficient to perform long range and high altitude cruise and we believe we can improve these already winning performances. We’re going to outclass every new or existing concurrent aircraft in the same category both for cruise speed, endurance and flying qualities”.

Tecnam confirmed during Aero 2013 that the P Twenty Ten certification program is strictly following the certification plan and next steps consist of advanced development: Night VFR cockpit, IFR and RNP RNAV capabilities, Autopilot, spinning, “light” versions with fixed pitch propeller and analog cockpit.

For more information on the Tecnam extensive range of general aviation aeroplanes including the Tecnam P Twenty Ten, please contact Walter Da Costa, Tecnam Sales and Marketing, tel +34 616 481143,

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